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Dose love exist in todays world ?

Hello, I am sorry about my spelling before hand you might have to guess some...

My Qustion if love even exists? I know lust dose but love at that. true love??? and how can one uptane it? I heard the word love and the frist thing I think of if what are they trying to get or gain? it is toss around too much and it has become so cheap. it is the same with I'm sorry. you know I don't think it is real any more.
I have a couple of friends and they are in love and I do belive that they are as much as a preson can and we all hang out and it is great... however beging the only one not getting to hold someones hand I got very colds and I have to get my jacket to warm up. I made a mistake... I got to the point that I called someone that I knew would. and there was no anything at all... nonthing happen I just got sick of begin alone even if in the company of good friends. anyway I am getting off the subject I called this guy. and we hung out and if was cool. but... it isn't what I wanted.... I guess I am looking for a love that is return and I cann't seem to find it and I wounld dose love exist in this day and age or is it only for a certan few. I don't get it but thank you for listen to the long ramble

looking for love or better yet a friend that will become a love
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