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so i don't know what to do really...

I know this is semi- long... but I really need some advice...

Andy and I have been going out for about two and a half monthes now after a lot of drama was settled. You might call what we have "True Love" or "sincere Love." He is a senior and I am a sophmore.

So, lately Andy has been working nonstop, and it is driving me crazy because we hardly get the chance to see each other now. Here is an example of what happens: We talk on a friday and he will tell me he's free on Saturday. I tell him that I will call him on saturday then to make the real plans. I call him on saturday, his dad answers the phone, and tells me Andy is working. It hurts so bad... We have not truely kissed since January 14. Thats like a month ago from this date... It's not like he doesn't want to be with me, its that he can't...

I love him dearly, like you have no idea, but I cannot take the pain of NEVER being with him and if it's gonna be like this next year, then I want out...

Maybe I am too attatched?
Maybe I should call it quits?
I am willing to wait things out but if I wait them out and hes not even there for me at the end of things... then is it worth the pain?
Any sugestions?

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