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A "Tornado of Confusion", as a friend put it

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Title pretty much sums it up. Right now I'm caught in the middle of what has to be the most confusing love triangle ever.

Long story short (in bullet form, nonetheless!)....

* A friend of mine (we'll call him "Phil") liked a girl ("Jane")

* Jane liked Phil back

* I try to get Jane and Phil together

* Phil suddenly decides he likes "Joann"

* I warn Phil against going out with Joann so suddenly

* Phil is a moron and ignores my advice, and asks Joann out

* Jane is confused as hell

* I start talking to Jane, comforting her

* Phil suddenly realizes Joann is an obsessive bitch

* Phil breaks up with Joann

* Jane and Joann become friends (wtf?)

* Jane decides she hates Phil, after what he put her (Jane) and Joann through

* Phil realizes he still likes Jane

* I get caught in the middle of all this, and try to get Jane to go out with Phil

* It doesn't work

* Jane's anger fades, but she still doesn't like Phil anymore

* I keep talking to Jane, and gradually start falling for her, but don't make a move because I don't want to upset Phil

* Phil travels out-of-state for a few days, and reconnects with an old (female) friend who lives there. They hit it off, and he comes back rambling on and on about how hot she is.

* I begin to think that Phil may have gotten over Jane

* Apparently I was wrong, because after a few days, his obsession with Ms. Out-Of-State fades and he's back to liking Jane

* I'm on the verge of making a move, when Jane and Phil have a long (3 hour, according to "Jane") talk about "them". Apparently, two main topics were covered in this talk. First of all, Jane had fallen for me at the same time as I'd fallen for her, and secondly, they decided that they both liked each other (collective "wtf?").

Ironically, I'm not supposed to know about that conversation at all (well, not *yet*), but "Phil" told me and made me swear not to tell anyone else. Of course, seeing as the information came from "Phil", it may not be entirely true, because (obviously) his motives might not be entirely altruistic.

Confusing as hell, no?

Anyone got any advice for me?
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