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Midnight Lovers

Midnight Lovers

The cool breeze whipped around her as she sat holding her loved one in the
cool summer breeze. The flag snapped, just as the kids started to scream
from the last childish game of the night. When the night comes in, one
that's longer any else, the couple grinned and turned to each other. Soft
breathes escaped as one moved to the other, to whisper those soft smooth
words that can destroy any man. "I love you".

A grin came across the other's lips and she just had to take them, to taste
them again. The intoxicating atmosphere made her beauty shine even more.
The blond hair flickered as the moon shone through the tree tops of the
country side home. The two sat hand and hand; body leaned on the other,
watching the kids run across their land. The grass so high it almost
swallowed the young lings.

Her hand moved over her lover's cheek, feeling the soft skin below her long
fingers. She smiled, almost breaking the others heart with love. Green eyes
shimmered with the moon's rays, when her lover's lips came to her once
again. Wallowing in her lovers embrace, she allowed the taller woman to
take over the kiss. Allowing it to take over her as the dark took over day.
Skin against skin, they moved as one. Lips sucked and tasted the sweet
flavor of their lover. Sweet whispers echoed lips. The moon shone over
their bodies when she made love to her only one.

Her body arched and ached for more of the touch. Smaller yet filled with so
much love inside her, Maria just needs to touch, to be touched by Her; the
one person that was her own. Someone that wasn't going to leave or
disappear on her. She was going to stay with her for the century.

Carrien smiled knowing she wanted more of her tall glamorous body. "In
time..." she whispered kissing the fingers of the small Latino "I will be
there for you... satisfy you... in all the ways you wish for." Maria closed
her eyes, feeling her black curling hair flow in font of her face.
Carrien's soft touch moved across her forehead removing the strand that was
hiding her love. "Carrien please" whispered over the dark girl, almost
begging for more, for the touch and the feeling of love surrounding, not
knowing it was already there.

Carefully the taller one rose. Holding gently on the hands of her abode,
Maria's eyes opened slowly; allowing the sight of the blonde to come to her
heart directly. Grinning just as the feet started lift, they walked as
one. Stepping back and forth till finally she slowly moved forward to hold
her Maria in her arms. Maria's face held close to the chest, hearing the
heartbeat of her love. Thump. Thump. The feeling of the girl around her
body made her shiver. They tightened, feeling the heat of the woman come
across them.


The small Latino started to rise, feeling the soft drops on her cheeks.
Hair crossed over her head, she fantasized. Her love was still there with
her. The imprint of Her was still on the bed beside her. Slowly she allowed
her aching body to move to the edge. The sun peeked through the window
letting her know Carrien was truly gone. Her love was gone forever. A tear
feel from her tan cheek with her shaking hand slowly wiping the remains

His hand held her's softly with her feet moving like the aches behind her.
Slowly she stepped across the same grass where her lover laid; a tear no
longer leaving her glossing green eyes. Maria smiled seeing the stone from
the ground. Lifting her head she grinned to the young man helping her to
her lost lover. He slowly nodded and stepped back. Turning back, Maria
could smell the same air again. The kids were now grown, and her body
started to ache. Weakened bones, and softened skin, Maria still felt her
heart as young as just ninety years ago.

Slowly her body started to kneel to the damp soil. Shaking as if it was her
first time, Maria felt the touch of her lover over her body again. She took
the feeling in and caressing the touch of the warm stone under her fingers.

Softly breathing Maria couldn't help but let one last tear fall down her
cheek. "I missed you darling" she whispered and lowered her lips over the
stone. Leaning back up, she knew he was still behind her. Slowly she
started to lower again; this time to lie on the grave of her lost love.
Curling she felt her aching knees hit her chest when her body started to
shake again.

"I will be there for you... satisfy you... in all the ways you wish for."
The voice whispered in her ear as Maria let her eyes close again. One last
tear flowed down her cheek when she felt the touch of an angel take over
her disappearing soul. Softly her breathing slowed, and her body ceased
it's shaking. The touch went greater when Her voice came to her ear one
final time.

"I love you"

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